Vancouver Stories: The Grocer’s Father

Fred’s father, sitting in front of Dollar Grocer

I saw this fellow outside the Dollar Grocer on Commercial Dr… I smiled and motioned that I wanted to take his picture.  I later printed the photo and brought it to the store.  Do you know this guy?  The man (Fred) says: That’s my father!

Vasco’s chip surprise

One day, my friend Vasco who knows i love chips, brought 25 different flavors of chips as a surprise gift.  I think he’s trying to kill me so he can take over my business.

3 thoughts on “Vancouver Stories: The Grocer’s Father

  1. great noble shot. Do more of them just like that—full frontal

    Blow them life size and with ten or twenty you have a show. May e project them on public buildings! Tres moderne, n’est-ce pas?



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