4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Daniel,
    Are you the dude I snagged while running on the beach..you were visiting La Jolla CA. early 80’s ?
    You were cycling around the world !?!
    Think you stayed with a Dr Graves in LJ Shores your first visit and then at my back living quarters your following visit and then another time before your BBC trip to Salvador?
    And, I think you met my (long lost) step sister in Beliz; Annette Mueller.
    Unless it’s coincidence, I do recognize the Daniel I knew (almost 37 years ago) in your more recent photographs.
    My name is Sally Dorr Ballou and I drove a large land shark, Ford Galaxy before buying my silver Chevette hatchback that you called “a sardine can !!”
    I have stumbled onto your photography that led me to this site.
    You can find me on FaceBook.
    Nice to see you are still taking interesting, vivid, and lovely photos. ~Sal


  2. Daniel you photographed my wife in Stanley Park in Vancouver in 1984.
    I may have tried emailing you another time. There were photos of her and some animals, mainly squirrels I believe lol. I’d gladly purchase photos from you if you happened to archived them ? All the best Tom. We reside in Ontario.


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